What is TKSA Inc?

TurnKey Solutions Aerospace (TKSA) is an after-market parts supplier and distributor. It is engaged in aircraft disassembly and parting for resale.

TKSA specializes in engine components, flight controls, aircraft systems and avionics for Boeing and Airbus.

TKSA maintains a large and extensive database that is updated on a daily basis. Our inventory is in serviceable and overhaul condition, in stock and ready to ship. We provide a turnkey approach for global fleet support and delivery of aerospace components and parts.

TKSA’s customer service derives from attentiveness, transparency and commitment to exceed our customer’s expectations.

For more information about TKSA, Inc., its products and services, please visit www.tksainc.com or contact the sales team at 305-406-0184 or [email protected]

Why Walk if You Can Fly ?

Mission Statement

Increase value visibility, manage demand variability in the supply chain to increase product velocity.

Company Vision

At TKSA, Inc. we stay true to our core values, which are quality, on-time delivery and customer service excellence. We believe that our set of values is what brings us customer loyalty.

TKSA is the destination for all of your aircraft parts requirements. We are committed to providing the best sourced parts at the most economical price in the industry. The commitment to our vision is what allows us to sustain our daily growing customer base.

Corporate Social Responsibility

TKSA, Inc. prides itself in strengthening and living up to our commitment to abide by industry standards of ethics and safety compliance. Ethical labor practices and volunteering are part of our company’s commitment to maintain sincerity, transparency and accountability for our organization within our community and worldwide.

Our Team

TKSA, Inc.’s success would not be complete without our dedicated and knowledgeable team. We care about our customers’ success and we are always eager and ready to help.

We are committed to providing you with the best customer service and the most insightful information. In the end, we are focused on your success as much as you are because we understand that we would not be here without you, our CUSTOMER.